Buyers Guide - 6 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The modern kitchen is at the heart of every home and is a multifunctional room that requires a selection of lighting solutions. As food trends encourage us to get more adventurous in the kitchen it’s more important than ever to design an easy to use space that is well lit. While at home cooking and baking grows in popularity so does the desire to entertain and host dinner guests. The kitchen is now increasingly becoming a space for entertaining and with open plan kitchen diners the lighting considerations increase further. There’s no need to be daunted with all the options available as you just need to zone spaces into tasks and we have a selection of kitchen lighting ideas to help.

Feature Pendant Lights

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

 (A focal point for islands and tables)

 The cherry on the top of some great kitchen interior designs is having 3 pendant lights hanging in a line above a kitchen island or dining area. This is a perfect zone creation technique to clearly separate task areas from areas to dine and relax. As these will be the most visible lights in your kitchen you can select something that is going to please you to see it every day and bring the whole interior design to life. Also consider adding a dimmer switch feature to these lights as you then use brighter light for working at the kitchen table and then dim for softer light to dine with.

Under Cupboard Lighting

(Crucial for creating well illuminated work surfaces)

Fitting strip lights under cupboards is a functional design feature that will make working in your kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Strip lights under cupboards can be concealed from view as part of the kitchen fittings with only the light they emit being the visible feature. It is important to fit the lighting to the front of the cupboards to ensure as much of the worktop as possible catches the light.  Lighting like this creates a clear and crisp focused effect that is perfect for visibility when chopping vegetables or icing cakes.

Plinth Lighting

(Great for making narrow spaces feel bigger and adding a warm atmosphere)

Plinth lighting in kitchens is often an overlooked feature. As with under cupboard lighting you rarely see the actual light just the effect it creates. Lights fitted into the base of your kitchen unit plinths can make narrow spaces feel wider and create a much softer effect than overhead lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for when you’re not performing specific tasks in the kitchen and just need an ambient level of illumination. It’s also perfect for those occasions when you need a drink in the middle of the night and don’t want to be woken by bright overhead lighting. If you want to be able to play around with colour you can have colour changing lights installed that are great for when you’re entertaining.

Picture Lights

Ideas for Kitchen Lightings

(Make the most of unused wall space)

If you have wall space in your kitchen this is the perfect opportunity to create a focal point. Unless you are really proud of your appliances or sink there are few features in the kitchen that can be considered beautiful. Selecting a painting or an image that complements the kitchen design scheme can really make a difference. This approach is important if your kitchen has a dining area as adding a picture will instantly make the space feel more relaxed and less task orientated. By adding a picture light over your selected wall feature you create a softer environment ideal for the dining area.

Wall Lights

(Great for dark corners and making a space feel bigger)

Some kitchens can have awkward spaces or areas that end up being made darker than the rest of the room. As wall lights are available in so many different styles it’s always worth thinking about adding light to darker sections of your kitchen to make the space feel bigger. Wall lights should also be considered for dining areas if you don’t like the idea of pendant lights above the dining area. Having wall lights in the dining part of the kitchen can create a more relaxed atmosphere than bright overhead lighting.

Ceiling Spotlights

(For a clean and clutter free ceiling)

Ceiling spotlights are great for kitchens with low ceilings as they can provide a seamless finish with an even distribution of light. These lights are classed as task lighting because they are bright enough to illuminate all kitchen tasks such as cooking and baking. Spotlights can be distributed evenly across your ceiling to provide the complete task lighting requirement for the whole room without interfering with the design details that be added by other lights, fixtures and fittings. 

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