Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Tips

Whether your bedroom is large or small, there are always ways to enhance the look of your room with some simple but clever lighting ideas.


What Are Your Needs?


Think about what you want from your bedroom lighting. Do you want to create a soft and romantic feeling, or maybe you are a keen reader and require a late night reading light?

You may be a person who has trouble falling asleep, or a shift worker who sleeps at irregular hours of the day, in which case consider adding blackout blinds to your bedroom as it is easier to fall asleep in total darkness. It is advisable to get a properly fitted blind to ensure that no unwanted light seeps in. Specialists such as or will be able to help with this.

Also, consider adding a dimmer switch. Research has shown that dimming your lights prior to sleep helps your mind to relax and therefore aiding a more restful night. Studies show that the lighting in your bedroom directly links to the quality of sleep. One such study was made by The Sleep Foundation

Another consideration is the placement of light switches. If you are in bed reading, for example, you don’t want to have to get out of bed to turn the light off before falling asleep, or to stumble around in the dark to find your way back to bed.

If your bedroom doubles as an office or you have a dressing table or room, you will want to consider lighting those areas separately as the lighting will need to be brighter to suit this purpose.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Tips

Ceiling Lights

These come in a wide variety, from the ornate chandelier to the simple single lampshade. Whatever your design idea, there are styles to suit all tastes. The important thing is to try to create a warm even glow throughout your bedroom to give it that restful feeling.

Choose soft focus bulbs of low wattage for an ambient glow and think about the colour, soft rose, golds and brass fittings will add to that warm and cosy feeling.

As mentioned above, you may wish to add a dimmer switch so that if you want your light brighter earlier in the evening, you are still able to tone down the glow before bedtime.

Dark Corners

A dark corner of your room can be easily illuminated with the use of a standard lamp. You may have a cosy chair in that corner to sit and read and illuminating the area with soft focus bulbs, and gentle golden colours could be an ideal solution to creating that perfect reading corner. Making it cosy and comfortable, especially during winter months.

Reading Lamps

Those of you that enjoy reading in bed have a few considerations. One being a light that is not so bright as to wake you up, but that will provide enough light to prevent any eye strain.

Wall mounted lights are ideal for this purpose but make sure that the bulb is not exposed and pointing directly at you or your partner who may be trying to sleep while you read.

Again, make sure that your light switches are within easy reach to save you from having to get out of bed once you are settled in for the night.

Lighting a Desk or Dressing Table

If your bedroom is used as an office, it is a good idea to have a separate directional table lamp for that area. This will aid you to work in a well-lit environment without detracting from the overall ambient feel of the bedroom.

Dressing tables are commonly used for applying makeup and styling hair. As such there are several solutions to lighting the area. You could have a floor lamp with a brighter bulb, a sconce directed onto the mirror or a mirror that has lights built in around it. Daylight bulbs are great for this purpose.

Children’s Rooms

Children often require a little light to aid their sleep. A simple bedside lamp with a low wattage bulb would make an ideal solution for cosying up for that bedtime story.

Having that soft glow ceiling light with a dimmer switch is also ideal for signalling to children that it is wind down time.

Whatever your requirements, we will have the best lighting ideas to create your perfect bedroom surroundings.