Top Interior Lighting Trends for 2019

Top Interior Lighting Trends for 2019

When searching for the best interior lights for your house, it is good to look at the currently trending pieces to get the best idea on what will truly give a modern and trendy look to the home, look at some of the suggestions we have for you below!


Mid-century modern covers several decades of simple yet elegant style. It is a trend that is not going to go away anytime soon.

The mid 20th century was an iconic style era for interiors. Whether you want to fully immerse yourself in the style with furniture and decor or just dip your toe in, our lighting designs can help you achieve the desired effect.

With ways to add a pop of colour to your industrial style living space or a piece of art in the form of a fabulous floor lamp, this trend is certainly one that can suit all tastes. 

Clean curves, bold designs or natural shapes are all part of this style. Whether you want to incorporate your light into the design of the room and have it blend in or add a pop of colour to make it stand out, our pendant lights are the perfect solution. A bold single pendant light may be what you want or if you have the space, maybe consider adding a row of suspension pendant lights.

Arc floor lamps make a beautiful feature in the corner of a living room to create an ambient reading area. Whereas a tripod floor lamp may fill a space in a hallway creating a great artistic piece.

A bedroom may benefit from the organic curved table lamp placed on a bedside table to create a luxurious hotel boudoir feel.


Although part of the mid-century design period, the art deco designs are more angular and sharp than the ergonomic curves of the rest of the era.

A strong geometric pendant light would make a great centrepiece for any room in the house where you want to add that art deco feel.

What 2018 has brought forth from all designs, however, is a more fun and relaxed aspect to the design. The lighting is more of a piece of functional art creating a focal point in the room.


The modern twist on industrial lighting may still incorporate the rustic finishes and neutral colours of the original designs but are now much more sleek.

Metals are more rich and varied in their tones, think about the finish being more smooth and stylish than the original industrial styles, having undergone a makeover to make it less harsh.

The fixtures themselves are now considered more of a piece of art bringing a room together. Whether this is through unique designed wall lights or a decorative centrepiece above your dining area, there are lighting solutions to suit all areas.

This mid-century modern updated industrial style suits the 21 st century home interior design beautifully. 


In contrast to the bright colours and polished metals of the mid-century designs, another interior lighting trend we see this year is soft gold fittings.

With a move towards various gentle toned colours as a trend for decor, these soft metallic finished lights are a way to perfectly bring a room together.

Using warm pendant lights for a natural glow or lighting a dark corner with a floor or table lamp with the matte finish of this soft gold is going to help finish off the mellow feel of your room.

Whatever design you choose, it is important to think of the function of the lighting as well as the feel of the atmosphere you are trying to create. A kitchen will require quite different lighting, for example, to a bedroom. We are sure that you will find the lighting solution to suit your design and taste within our range.