Gifts in Time for Christmas

Gifts in Time for Christmas

December has finally arrived which means that time left to buy presents is swiftly disappearing. Buying a gift for a close loved one is sometimes very difficult, however if you know somebody who is house proud and like to make their home look as stunning as possible then a light is a good idea.

Without being too overpowering, the addition of an attractive light to a room can add grandeur, style, suggest a particular time period, or even be a focal point in the area. If you want to buy someone a practical, attractive gift that they might not expect then perhaps a light is a good idea.

Sherwood Lighting takes great pride in our vast selection of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colours when it comes to our lights. The following is just a tiny sample from the hundreds of lights that you can find online and in our store:

A Floor Lamp

A Floor Lamp

If you really want to impress someone then why not buy them a floor lamp? Floor lamps not only look stunning but they are also very practical as they can be situated wherever is most practical for the owner, very different from a ceiling lamp which must sit in one designated place.

They do not take much room up on the floor and are often used to decorate otherwise bare and unusedspace.

While the lamp to the left is very tall and elegant, on our website you will find all sorts of different floor lamps from traditional, classic styles through to Osaka Floor lamps which are inspired by desk lamps.


A Table Lamp

Alternatively, you could purchase a table lamp either for a living room or study area. While a table lamp is a practical piece to buy for somebody, it can be just as glamorous, sophisticated, or delicate as an ornament.


A Lantern

If you are buying for somebody with unique, classical taste then you might want to consider a lantern. Our lanterns contain between 1 and 12 lights depending on what type you choose and come in a range of sizes. If you want to surprise a loved one with an unusual, unpredictable, but beautiful gift then this might be for you.

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