Crystal Lighting Styles for the Modern Home

Crystal lighting can have a reputation for being old fashioned and a type of lighting that may associate with your parents or grandparents. In fact nothing could be further from the truth and in this blog post we explore crystal lighting styles for the modern home.

Crystal Lighting Styles for the Modern Home

The Chandelier - Classic Styles and Modern Twists

When thinking of crystal lighting the first style of fitment that jumps to mind is the chandelier. This iconic decorative light has been associated with crystal since the 16th century. Such a grand lighting statement used only to be found in large traditional interiors but it’s relevance to modern homes has increased. The opulence and decorative nature of a crystal chandelier has many features that make it suitable for a modern interior. The light reflected through the crystal can help to make small spaces feel larger. The organic shapes often used in chandeliers can soften harsh interiors such as bathrooms and kitchens. An interiors trend for 2018 is for our bathrooms at home to become more ‘spa’ like and chandelier lighting is a key part of this style. This means that the tradition crystal chandelier will continue to have an increasing relevance to our modern homes.

Our Raphael chandelier is the perfect choice to soften a modern interior and add a touch of glamour. Please check our guide to bathroom lighting before installing any bathroom light.

Modern Spherical and Ellipse Designs - To Create Maximum Impact

Crystal pendant lighting can be used in any room in the modern home. A twist on the traditional style of crystal lights are metallic spheres or ellipse shapes. These fittings normally have a simple silhouette shape that is more in keeping with a modern homes style. The crystals within the light create a magical and glamourous lighting effect that adds a real wow factor. Modern crystal pendant lights are often used in living rooms and hall ways to create a feature that the whole interior can be designed around.

Our Adriatic pendant light is a great example of a modern style fitting with the beauty of traditional crystal encased within. The best of both worlds. 

Dramatic Fittings - Perfect for Hallways

Crystal lighting doesn’t have to be all about delicate droplets and fine detail. The options for crystal lighting are broad with some amazing angle cut shapes that make a great feature in hallways or as  stairwell lighting. Sharp angular shapes work well with many modern interiors and can complement a wide range of interior design schemes. The Valentina light has a fantastic scale that is sure to brighten up any ceiling. 

Flush Crystal Ceiling Lighting - Getting the WOW Factor in Limited Space

Many modern homes have low ceilings which can make fitting a large pendent light difficult. This is where flush lighting comes in as, when fitted, it sits very close to the ceiling so you’re not having to duck under or walk around a hanging light.

Flush crystal ceiling lighting styles can add the eye catching reflective properties of crystal to any interior without taking up a large amount of ceiling space. In our range we have a great selection including the Abacus 4 light with square polished chrome design.

Crystal Bedroom Lighting - Perfect for Creating Boudoir Glamour

Using crystal lighting in your bedroom is an easy way to create a boutique hotel style in your home. The transparent nature of crystal enables you to have a larger sized light than you may have in a different material. This means you can add some scale to your fittings without the lighting becoming over bearing. You may also consider having multiple crystal lights in your bedroom such as coordinating ceiling and wall lights. The addition of larger scale and multiple crystal lights adds a sense of luxury even if the rest of the room is kept minimal. A feature we really like here at Sherwood Lighting is to have matching crystal beside lamps like the Kos 3. Lights like this can frame you bed and instantly add a feeling of relaxed luxury.

If you’d like some more inspiration for how you can introduce crystal lighting into you home please visit our Pinterst board.


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