Halogen bulbs update

You may or may not be aware new legislation came into effect on 1st September 2016 which prohibits the importing of light fittings with halogen lamps included.

As a result of this, all lighting which is imported into the UK do not include any halogen lamps. This encourages customers to purchase LED lamps instead which is certainly a good thing. All new catalogues will indicate whether lamps are not included and we apologise in advance for any confusion or incorrect information which may be currently on our website. This does not currently affect any of the ranges that are suitable for low energy lamps and ones that are supplied with fluorescent lamps included. These products will continue to be supplied complete with lamps.

Currently we do not include LED lamps within our items unless the LED is an integrated part of the fixture. If this should change in the future we will be sure to let you know. From a sales point of view the current legislation allows sales of any stocks already in the country until at least September 2018. This is a significant change to the way lighting products have historically been sold. 

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