Lighting for your home office

Have you recently, or are planning on, starting to work from home? If so, you will know how difficult it can be to remain focused, and to keep your mind on the job!

Well, want to know the first step to a job well done? Being able to see the task at hand! Whether you’re just using your office in the evenings for some paperwork, or you are now working full time from home, you need to make sure your office lighting is perfect!

As we are the lighting experts, we have a huge range of office lighting solutions that can make even the hardest of jobs feel a bit brighter!

The first thing you will need to consider is suiting the lighting to the style and decor of the room. So if you have a sleek and minimalist office, choose sleek and minimalist lighting designs.

You will need light and bright lighting in your home office. We recommend using some solid, bright ceiling light fittings as a base – no one likes working in the dark or in dimmed mood lighting – so save that for the bedroom! Remember - the brighter the better in the office.

You then need to consider a lamp! We have some beautiful lamps here at Sherwood Lighting, whether you want a large, vintage table lamp to suit the room decor, or a focused smaller office lamp – we have so many options.

For a desk, we would recommend something like this beautiful, classic Armada Table Lamp. You really can’t go wrong with this elegant design as it will go with any interior style and will help to keep you focused on your work with its spot light effect.

We also stock a fabulous range of sleek, elegant and practical, floor lamps – which are perfect for an office space thanks to their movable nature! Depending on where you are working in the office, be it at your desk or on an armchair with your laptop, you will be able to move your floor lamp around the office easily – very handy!

Please have a look around our website, using our search feature to search for exactly what it is you are looking for – and remember that we will probably have other designs in store so it is always worthwhile popping in and seeing what we have! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.