Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips

Modern day living rooms are flexible spaces that we use for a wide range of activities. Gone are the days of these rooms being hidden away just for using when guests visit. We use these spaces for children playing and relaxing in front of the TV. Living rooms are now more open plan and multifunctional. But we also still yearn for the ‘wow’ factor for when we do have visitors.

Living Room Lighting Tips and Ideas

Planning your Living Room Lighting

If you are planning to re-decorate your living room, it’s important to consider the position of the lighting and electrics first. If you want to move electric fixtures and fittings this can involve damaging walls and ceilings. To ensure you can decorate over any damage it is crucial to have a qualified electrician install all the light fittings before you do anything else.

Even if you’re not planning to re-decorate, a new light shade or an additional lamp can help refresh your interior design. By brightening up a dark corner or illuminating a new picture your living room gets a vibrant update without needing to spend much money.

A successful lighting plan combines a selection of light sources for various height levels in the room. Ideally, you would have at least 3 different types of lighting.

  • Ambient lighting – the main central source of lighting that illuminates the whole room such as recessed ceiling lights or a central pendant.
  • Task lighting – this is focused illumination, normally from an angled floor or table lamp. This style of lighting is mainly used in living rooms as reading lamps.
  • Accent lighting – the main role of accent lighting is to illuminate certain features with a room such. Examples of accent lights are picture lights or wall lights. This type of lighting can also be used on its own to illuminate small specific areas.

Living Room Lighting Styles

As living rooms require flexible and multifunctional lighting it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you plan your own living room lighting our experts have compiled some style ideas for you to consider;

Table Lights in a Pair

Table lamps are perfect for accent lighting to add a soft glow and create a cosy atmosphere. They work especially well in pairs. By positioning matching lamps on tables either side of the sofa you create a wonderful sense of balance in a room. You could achieve the same effect adding matching lamps to shelves or side tables either side of a fireplace.

Feature Ceiling Lights

Whether you go for a romantic chandelier or a modern metallic pendant, a striking light feature can complete any living room. Depending on your ceiling height you can make your central lighting fitting the main feature of the room. You can consider one large fitting or a set of three pendants hung at different heights. Adding a dimmer switch increases the flexibility of your main lighting, allowing you to quickly adjust the level illumination in the room.

Illuminate Artwork and Add a Sense of Cosy Glamour

Picture lights positioned above artwork show that you have really considered your interior design. If you love the artwork enough to hang it why not make more of it by lighting it up? You can also install picture lights within bookcases or shelves to illuminate picture frames or collections.

Floor Lamps as The Main Light

Choose a curved floor lamp that lights up from below and above. This could be an alternative to using ceiling lights if you have low ceilings or don’t want a ceiling fitting. Using two well-positioned floor lamps with dimmer switches is a great way of saving space.

Wall Lights to Enhance Features

Light fixtures on living room walls are perfect for making the most of features like fireplaces. Fitting a set of two wall lights either side of a fireplace mantel can warm up the room without even needing to put the fire on. Wall lights are great accent lights as they can be positioned away from the TV screen to create an at-home cinema effect. This style of lighting is ideal for smaller rooms as it saves on floor and table space

Create a Cosy Reading Corner

Modern life can be hectic so it’s important to create a tranquil area at home that you can retreat too. By creating a reading corner in your living room you create a space to escape to and relax. Floor or table lamps are the best options for reading corners. When combined with a comfy chair and side table for your favourite tipple you’ll have a cosy little oasis to settle into.

For more living room lighting inspiration check out our Pinterest board.

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