What is low energy lighting and why should I use it?

Low Energy Lighting

Whether it’s because you want to be more energy conscious and lead a greener life style, or you just want to save yourself some money, low energy light fittings and bulbs are great.

A low energy light fitting uses LED bulbs and so it requires a lot less electricity than a standard light fitting would.

So why should you use low energy lighting? If for no other reason, you should use it to save yourself some money. Electricity bills can be very expensive if you are not careful. As you pay for the amount that you use, it makes sense to use less so that you pay less - it's that simple!

We hear about global warming on the news all the time and we can all do our bit to help the planet. By using less electricity the power stations have to generate less, and so release less carbon into the atmosphere, which has to be a good thing!

You should try to use energy saving lighting everywhere in your home. You may find that if you're building a new home, or extending your existing one, you may have to install low energy lighting. As more than 25% of the electricity used in an average house can be used by lighting, building regulations in the UK now state that in all new homes and extensions to existing properties, 30% of all the habitable rooms must have dedicated low energy lighting.

By installing a dedicated low energy fitting that will only accept LED light bulbs you can ensure you’re doing your part. A low energy light fitting is installed in exactly the same way as any other light fitting.

So where can you buy these light fittings and bulbs? From Sherwood Lighting of course! We have an abundance of energy saving light bulbs and low energy light fixture that will help to reduce your energy bills and live a little greener. Have a look at a few of our low energy products here.

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