Kitchen lights as celebrity chefs

Sherwood Lighting has a wide range of kitchen lighting which can add a whole new dimension to kitchen design which are suited to each and every budget.

They can be the focal point of your kitchen design; they bring your food into the light as nobody likes cooking in the dark. The right kitchen lighting can compliment your cooking talents making it vitally important to match the lighting to both your rooms design and cooking style.

The Dynamo 3 light bar pendant antique copper light has similarities to Gordon Ramsey’s chef qualities. It’s bold, loud and covers every corner of a kitchen just like the Scottish chef.

Born in 1966, Gordon is the second of four children who was Scottish-born and raised in Warwickshire. He originally planned to pursue a career in football with his childhood team, Rangers, till a knee injury burned that pursuit. Ramsay then began an interest in cooking for a livelihood building his way up from commis chef to owning his own restaurant.

His style is well known from various television shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and the F Word. He is a bold chef who doesn’t hold back and is well known for his use of expletives when in search of culinary perfection.

Gordon Ramsey

This moves us onto one of the most daring kitchen lights in our collection. The Osaka pendant pale blue light is just like Heston Blumenthal. It’s not afraid to be different and is a daring addition to any kitchen.

Also born in 1966, Heston was born in London and raised in High Wycombe. He first got the cooking bug whilst on a family holiday in France at the age of 16 when he ate at the Michelin-starred L’Ousta de Bamaniere. He soon turned that taste into his dream by opening a run-down pub which he turned into his bistro pub, The Fat Duck.

Starring in his own television shows Kitchen Chemistry and Heston’s Feasts he is well known for his unusual take to cooking including his love for the use of liquid nitrogen in his culinary preparation.


One of the most glamorous lights in our kitchen range has to the Ardeche 3 light flush polished chrome light. It shines in the kitchen just like our last celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson.

Nigella was born in 1960 in Wandsworth, London. During her earlier career Nigella was known for her work in publishing and being a freelance writer. With her writing talents and passion for cooking, which was first conceived from her mother’s love of the kitchen, she wrote the 1998 book ‘’Hot to Eat’’. After numerous book releases she then pursued a career in television, starring in Nigella Bites.

Lawson is well known for her flirtatious manner whilst presenting on shows such as Nigella Feasts and Nigella Express.

Nigella Lawson

If you’re looking to add the style of a celebrity chef into your kitchen, get in touch with Sherwood Lighting today to let us help you find your perfect lighting match.