Maximise Space In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is an important space in any home. It should look spacious, clear, and clean. However if you live in a flat or if you have an en suite then you might find that space in the bathroom is quite limited. There are a few things you can do to make it feel less claustrophobic and more organised:

Choose Light Colours
If you are painting the bathroom then choose a light colour such as a pale cream or white. Pale colours always make a space look bigger and particularly in a bathroom they give the impression of cleanliness.

Shower Instead of a Bath
A shower takes up much less floor space than a bath so is vital for a small bathroom. Not only that but most people find them more convenient anyway, so if you were ever thinking of selling then a shower is a must.

Clear the Clutter
Some people like to have vases, pictures, and decorative bits that personalise the area. This is fine in other rooms of the house but unnecessary here as it just causes clutter.

When you think about it your bathroom contains a lot of stuff. You might have toothpaste, toothbrushes, spare shampoos and conditioners, shaving creams, razors, facecloths, ear buds, nail varnish, perfumes, and much more. A bathroom cabinet is vital for you to store all these things away, keep the surfaces clear, and make the room look bigger.

As with any room in the house, a mirror makes the room feel larger. Ideally place it opposite the window to bathe the room in even more natural light. Sherwood Lighting sell a number of mirrored bathroom cabinets which are designed with electric light attached. This is the ideal way to add a mirror, lighting, and storage all in one, saving space and money.

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