Enhance your Home with Mid-Century Modern Lighting

The mid-century interior style looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. The style is predominantly known to link back to the 50’s and 60’s and designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen. These designers specialised in creating interiors that were both simple and stylish. At their time their designs were thought of as futuristic and sometimes radical. Now the style is considered modern and classic featuring in many different types of interior.


From fresh and contemporary city centre apartments to country style kitchens, mid-century features can be used to compliment many different types of interior design. Lighting is a critical component in achieving the mid-century look, and there is no shortage of options for those considering adopting this style. From simple round or oval glass ceiling lighting to striking arc floor lamps, mid-century design can help transform your home.

Below we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help you achieve the mid-century look through the clever use of lighting. 

Use Lighting at Unexpected Heights

By playing with different levels in your interior design, you create a variety of focal points that are more pleasing to the eye. One great way of achieving this is through the use of table lamps at low levels. Select a lamp that you will enjoy making a feature of and focus on simple shapes and clean lines. A great example of a table lamp that is ideal for this approach is the tripod lamp shown below.


 Tripod Table Lamp


Use Floor Lamps in Hallways and Entrances

Setting up a floor lamp in an entranceway or hallway can make these transitional spaces feel more like a room and create a welcoming atmosphere. A floor lamp that has a base with a similar material to the floor can create a pleasing seamless flow from floor to light. It has an added benefit that it also creates an optical illusion of more space.

The three lamps below are a perfect example of floor lamps in the mid-century style that would be ideal for enhancing a hallway.

 Mid Century Floor LampVintage White Floor LampHoop Balloons Floor Lamp















Brighten up Dark Corners

Mid-century table lamps are available in styles that can suit any corner of your home. From cool curved desk lamps to groovy pop culture style table lamps there is a mid-century design that will complement virtually any interior. By adding lights to the corners of rooms, you not only create a greater sense of space but you also give yourself more lighting options that can be used to change the ambience and feel of the room.


Franklin Desk LampPop Table Lamp

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