Shade Reducer Rings

Shade reducer rings are required due to the different design standards of UK and European pendent bulb holders. In the UK the standard design uses a 29mm bulb holder whereas the standard European size is for a 45mm bulb holder. Many new homes are now fitted with the European version as standard and should you replace a light fitting, it will most likely be the 45mm EU size.

As the bulb holders are now changing too 45mm it makes sense for lamp shade manufacturers to follow suit and create their shades to fit the larger size bulb holder. However, problems arise when you have a shade compatible with the 45mm version and your bulb holder is the UK 29mm standard as the shade will simply drop off. This is where a shade reducer ring is required. It fits simply onto your 29mm bulb holder converting it instantly to a 45mm holder. 

If you need any further information or have a question regards lamp shade reducer rings please call our sales team on 0115 926 6777.

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