We love our bathrooms here at Sherwood Lighting. There’s really nothing quite like a long relaxing bath after a stressful day is there?

When it comes to bathroom lighting many people think – electricity and water! – better play it safe! And opt for safe, reliable spotlights. Unfortunately as safe and reliable as they are, spotlights really aren’t the most imaginative of bathroom lighting solutions, are they?

Well here at Sherwood Lighting we are saying no to boring lighting in our bathrooms! If it’s a room we love spending our time in, we should light it up suitably! Here are a few of our favourite looks and inspirations...

If we want a chandelier in our bathroom – we’re going to have a chandelier in our bathroom. Okay, so this may not be suitable in smaller bathrooms, or busy family bathrooms, but if you’re luckily enough to have a larger bathroom then why on earth not? Many of us spend a lot of money on fancy taps, classy tiles or luxurious suites – why not set them all off with this extravagant chandelier? You’ll feel like royalty every night while you bathe – what’s not to love?

Mirrored lighting

Illuminated mirrors look beautiful and can really transform bathroom spaces. By providing extra light where you (sometimes) need it most, they can make everyday tasks like applying makeup or shaving easier. They can also give your bathroom an instant facelift, making it appear brighter, bigger and more interesting! We love a nice Hollywood lit-up mirror in any bathroom!

More than just spotlights

Okay, so because spotlights are probably the more convenient, safe and affordable bathroom lighting solution, they are probably what you’ll go for. However, if this is the case, why not be creative with them? Instead of just installing spotlights in you ceiling, we suggest installing in places like the underneath of your shower or along your bath. These will add a pleasant glow while still providing useful light that is affordable and easy to maintain!

Here at Sherwood Lighting you’ll find bathroom lighting for every kind of bathroom from the morning rush to the relaxing evening bath. Our ceiling and wall lamps and spotlights come in lots of different designs and we have many different ceiling spotlight options.