What is a pendant light

Sometimes called a drop or suspender, the pendant light is a lone light fixture which hangs from the ceiling and is usually suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod.

Often used in multiples, pendant lighting is usually hung in a straight line over kitchen worktops and dinette sets and sometimes bathrooms. They are also an ideal solution for stairwell lighting where they can be used to really enhace and often forgotten area of the house.

Pendants come in a wide variety of sizes and many materials, from metal to glass or concrete and plastic. Most modern pendants are now energy-saving low voltage models and some even use halogen or fluorescent bulbs!

A billiard or island light is a longer pendant fixture, usually with long fluorescent or multiple incandescent bulbs, which are used over kitchen and billiard tables. These are also sometimes considered a type of chandelier.

There are two approaches to positioning pendants over a dining table. One of the approaches is to hang the bottom rim of the pendant 60” to 66” from the floor. The other option is to suspend it around 30” above the table surface. Either approach will yield the result by providing ample illumination to the table surface whilst keeping the glare of the light sources away from the eyes of diners around the table.

Multiple pendants in a row is a great idea, especially over a very long dining table or over a kitchen bar or counter. The key to using more pendants in any space is to find balance among all the other competing elements in the room. In this case it may be okay to break away from an even number just to add more balance to your lighting; it also brings attention to the lighted area without making it too busy.

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